Village and Civil Parish, in Cumbria

Parish Council

The Annual Governance and Accountability Return for 2021/22 has now been completed and the documents can be viewed by following the links in the table below from our meeting on 26th May.

You have the right to inspect all of the accounts - please see the Notice of Public Rights and Publication in the link here: https://www.wavertonpc.org.uk/data/uploads/notice-of-public-rights.pdf

They will be available from 13th June until 22nd July


See below for details of parish council meetings with agendas and minutes available to download. To contact Waverton Parish Council, please get in touch with the Parish Clerk, Mrs Julia Webster

Waverton Parish Councillors

  • Chair: Mr George Girvan, Fern Lea, Waverton, Wigton, CA7 0AE
  • Vice-Chair: Mr Anthony Huntington, Waverlea, Aikbank, CA7 0BJ
  • Mr William Paterson, Allandale, Waverton, Wigton, CA7 0AE
  • Mr Stephen Wharton, Waterside
  • Mrs Linda Graham, Field End, Waterside, Waverton, CA7 0AS
  • Mr Stephen Peile, Parkgate Hall, Waverton, Wigton, CA7 0BQ
  • Mr John Dixon, Lesson Hall, Wigton, CA7 0EA
  • Mr John Spark, High Blaithwaite, Wigton, CA7 8PW
  • Parish Clerk: Mrs Julia Webster, North View, Plasketts Lane, Wigton, CA7 9ES

Council Meetings

Meetings start at 7:30pm and are held in Waverton Village Hall, unless noted otherwise.




26th May, 2022

Agendas for the meetings to be held commencing at 7.30pm

Annual Parish Meeting:


Annual Parish Council Meeting:


Minutes DRAFT https://www.wavertonpc.org.uk/data/uploads/waverton-parish-council-minutes-may-2022-draft.pdf

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2021-22






24th February 2022




Minutes - Draft


25th November 2021





23rd September    Agenda   https://www.wavertonpc.org.uk/data/uploads/agenda-23rd-september-2021.pdf

Minutes https://www.wavertonpc.org.uk/data/uploads/council/1-waverton-parish-council-minutes-23rd-september-2021-draft.pdf

27th May 2021 May Agenda 


2021 Annual Accounts & Exercise of Public Rights

25th February 2021 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes

2020 meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
26th November 2020 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
24th September 2020 Sept Agenda Sept Minutes
23rd July 2020 - Virtual Meeting Jul Agenda

Jul Minutes

2020 Annual accounts

Exercise of Public Rights

External Auditor

Asset Register

28th May 2020 - Not held due to Covid 19    
27th February 2020 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes



2019 Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
28th November 2019 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
26th September 2019 Sept Agenda Sept Minutes
16th May 2019 May Agenda

May Minutes

2019 Annual Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Exercise of Public Rights

28th February 2019 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes



2018 Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
22nd November 2018 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
27th September 2018 Sept Agenda Sept Minutes

17th May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting

Annual General Meeting

May Agenda

May Minutes

2018 Annual Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Exercise of Public Rights

22nd February 2018 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes
9th January 2018 (Extraordinary) Agenda Minutes
2017 Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
November 2017 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
September 2017 Sept Agenda Sep Minutes

25th May 2017
Annual Parish Meeting
Annual General Meeting

May Agenda

May Minutes

2017 Annual Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Exercise of Public Rights

Declaration of status


23rd February 2017 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes
2016 Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
24th November 2016 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
22nd September 2016 Sept Agenda Sep Minutes

26th May 2016
Annual Parish Meeting
Annual General Meeting

May Agenda

May Minutes

2016 Annual Accounts

12th April 2016   Apr Minutes
Extraordinary Meeting
25th February 2016 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes
2015 Meetings
Date Agenda Minutes
26th November 2015 Nov Agenda Nov Minutes
September 2015 Sept Agenda Sep Minutes

May 2015
Annual Parish Meeting
Annual General Meeting

May Agenda May Minutes
February 2015 Feb Agenda Feb Minutes